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First week with SAS = 2 Sales :)

So I just got off the weekly webinar and logged into Clickbank and noticed another sale!

I don’t do these posts to brag - not my style - but simply to let you’ll know that this training
works (but only if you do).

For those of you having issues uploading the Buyers List and creating a Look-Alike audience,
don’t let this stop you…

Simply target Fanpages of relevant ‘Gurus’ in our niche. Setup 1 interest for each adset.

After you’ve decided on your interest, narrow the target by including ‘Engaged Shoppers’

This will help you get a more qualified click :slight_smile:

I will give a few of the interests that I’m currently targeting at $20 a day:

Anik Singal
Eben Pagan
Mike Dillard
Jack Canfield
Tai Lopez (I’m currently testing this one)

Also, simply use the suggestions that FB gives you after you type in an interest.

Try to limit to 1 interest though - helps with testing.

Hope you guys and gals get some value from this!

  • Seth

Congratulations, Seth! This is great to hear and a great motivator to keep at it.


Congratulations on your sales


That’s great Seth! Congrats! Inspiring stuff…


Hi @sethjohnson.

Thank you so much for the tip.
I will definitely do interest targeting instead…

I need to create new campaigns though again since FB recently killed my 2 running SAS ads for the past 3 days on my 2nd FB account…

In my 1st FB account, they killed total of 4 running ads before but I managed to recreate new ads which still haven’t optimise yet. I will not edit that for now since they just recently approved it so I’ll keep the lookalike on that account.

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Facebook reminds me a lot of my 2nd ex-wife…

It doesn’t know what it wants :smirk:

Yeah - they are so inconsistent about what ads will get approved and which will not.

Good luck and yeah try some of those interests and more.

Think outside the box for possible interests (if you can’t upload Buyers List) and test
small and bump up the winners.

  • Seth

Congrats! Awesome job! :smile:

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@sethjohnson that is so awesome!!! :fire::fire:, thank you so much for that tip! Going to try and implement that straight away!! :sunglasses:


Great to see Seth! Can you give us a ball park figure for the ad spend to get the two sales?


Yep, my ad spend for the first week was $238 w/ 4 different Facebook Ads. Still testing and optimizing to drop the CPC down.

  • Seth
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Are your Facebook Ads all promoting SAS? Which ones are more successful?Where to find those Ads?
I hope my questions are legitimate in this community; if not, please bear with me and ignore them. Thanks!

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Hi @CoachSteve & @richjake2.

Google/Youtube are far more expensive than Facebook.
Besides, Facebook can micro target the exact people like us who’s into this kind of program.

You may do the homework for Week 2 if you’re quite irritated with FB for Ads approval reason but still you must MASTER the Facebook ads…

You may also watch Tim Burd on his FB training in SAS 2.0 which I just watched and is very good strategy how to succeed in FB campaigns


Great Job, and inspiring - thanks for posting! Good FB info as well - I was wondering about not being about to upload the buyers lists until we qualify.

thanks so much for linking the facebook training @lea from 2.0.

Does it work to search correlations between every interest, and the data shown in Audience Insights?

You can see some of the groups in demographics, are really high behind the people liking these “gurus”

Is it a good strategy to use those to target a tighter audience?

Let me know what you think.

Audience Insight ▼

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Awesome Seth, congratulations and thanks for sharing.

Well done! Thanks the for helpful information too :slightly_smiling_face:

What a pleasure to see. I’m new to this business. Believe it will be with me soon. Have a good day

Hi Seth,

Thanks for sharing your first sales and audience targeting tips. Your off to a great start!

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Well Done Seth,

I’m on my first week too,

Here are my ad manager results

10 hops

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