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“If you think Education is expensive, try with Ignorance.”

Dear Friend,

I remember the first day I saw John Crestani online.
It was a life-changing event because I realized there is an opportunity out there to set your life free. Under your terms, at your fingertips.

After years of researching Affiliate Marketing, I stumbled upon my true passion: Copywriting. More specifically - Direct Response Marketing.

I found books from legendary copywriter Ted Nicholas and my future became bright as the sun. I ate his books:

• Magic Words To Bring You Riches
• Billion Dollar Marketing Secrets
• How To Publish a Book & Sell a Million Copies
• How to Turn Words Into Money

I’m a psychologist and my passion is knowledge. Sharing insights, wisdom, and practical teachings to help you in your personal development and holistic health. Overall life success.

Humans tend to grow, but those who think they are done - will die before they leave their corpses.

Here’s my best advice for you. Never stop learning. Always continue your path of education. You have no idea how expensive ignorance can be.

To Your Success,

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