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As a fiction author for the last decade, I’ve written over twenty books and learned over the years the amazing power of marketing, e-mail lists, and Facebook ads. I developed a huge passion for marketing and began to realize that I liked the marketing aspect of indie publishing more than writing the book! I got into indie publishing because I liked the passive income, the residual income, and the power to take marketing into my own hands.

I lost my 13 year at home copy writing dream job right before Christmas 2018. This led me to research hours upon hours work at home jobs, which led to the discovery of affiliate marketing. I had NO clue this existed! Because I have obsessive tendencies when it comes to researching :slight_smile: (don’t ask about the year of my life I spent hundreds of hours researching the Illuminati ha…talk about a rabbit hole!) I researched non stop every waking moment I had which somehow led me to John Crestani’s course. It was a no brainer the moment I saw in detail everything this course was providing.

I am a boy mom to a spirited toddler and a wife to my love of 13 years. Married ten years this August.

My Dad is an entrepreneur and I like to say it is in my blood as well. I have always had the intense desire to be completely free of an employer. I also have always had the desire to build massive wealth, make the world a better place, and to travel. With automation on the rise, and stepping into what some claim is the next industrial revolution, I want to seize every moment I can and that is available to me to build wealth now.

I’m so happy to be here and feel so blessed to have such amazing resources at my fingertips.