What to put on Website?

I’m confused as to how much time and effort we should put into our website?

  1. Other than the Presell Pages, is anyone actually going to visit our website and see our Home Page, About Page, or Contact Page?

  2. And if so what exactly should we say on our Home Page and About Me Pages?

  3. Should we create a website navigation menu and if so should this menu be on the Presell Pages too?

I would like to see an example of an affiliate marketer’s website so I can stop scratching my head and get a better picture of the end goal. Module 2 didn’t go into these details.

Hey Wb, what I am doing is using the in-house hosting platform, connected my domain. It comes with 43 ready to go optimized pre-sell pages with our hoplinks already embedded. Im just going to create a home page with a menu organized by niches. I know this is an old post, but that’s one way you could do it

People scavenging your website to see more are looking for proof. they don’t trust you, yet they are interested. so give them what they want. a strong headline stating what your mission is giving them for following you. What’s your big promise and unique proposal that make you different from the typical.

That’s what you explain in the “about me/us”. be personal, friendly and specific. Don’t talk about yourself, as “about me” sounds. Say what you can do for them - the viewer. And then add privacy policy / terms and conditions. Even if they don’t read it all, having them around looks “professional” and people trust that.

P.S. also adding the © at the footer of the page. “business name” + © + “present year” is enough.
For example, my business is Conscientia.net and I share knowledge to help people empower their life. it’s psychology, so it can fit in any niche that helps them improve their life: health, wealth and relationship. In the bottom, I have “Logo + Slogan (The Life Changing Power of Knowledge) + Privacy Policy + Terms and Conditions and © 2022 Conscientia - All Rights Reserved.”