Troubleshooting Lack of Results | How do we change Ads - Modify or Create new one?

Hey, I just finished Module 12 troubleshooting lack of results (nice name by the way)

So basically, these are the stats we are looking for:


• Ad Copy >5%
• Presell Page > 10% ~ 30%
• Order Form Impression >10%
• Sales >1% of Hops

  • High Ticket ► 0.5% ~ 1%
  • Low Ticket ► 5%

But it’s not clear to me, how do i “Re-check Ad Copy”?

I mean, change current ad or create a new ad with new copy?
Same for targeting, i edit the running ad group or i create a new one to get new data?

I remember something about not making changes to ads especially the first 5 ~ 7 days as it screws with data.

So far, I have not heard something about this in the course.
What do you guys think?