Requesting Keywords Optimization Insight -> What keywords are buying-intent and how do we add negative keywords?

As title says, here’s a screenshot of my keywords metrics so far.

I want to know… how do I identify those phrases or keywords that people don’t use when they end up buying…

buying-intent keywords VS info-explorers keywords

And by that, I mean…

today I got an order form impression from the keyword:

i have this keyword added 3x times - different type match:

• Broad
• Phrase
• Exact

so it goes like this in the keywords list:

• does counseling work for marriage
• “does counseling work for marriage”
• [does counseling work for marriage]

And if I see Broad being too irrelevant and negative keywords don’t increase CTR in Ad level, and in Landing Page CTR Level

cause sometimes I notice high CTR in the AD but low LP CTR → which makes me think the promise (copy) in the Ad doesn’t match, OR… it’s making the wrong audience click (info-explorers keywords)

But as John says… never assume…

so I let these run, in broad, to see what else comes up.
And I’ve found this “does it work?” type of question

So can you guys please take a look at this list…

Give me your best insights of what phrases should I add to negative keywords that are draining my budget…

What info-explorer keywords to run that may bring order forms, and not necessarily are buying-intent - but very close related (or one-step deeper in the funnel)

I guess it’s a thing of stage of awareness in where the audience is (funnel level)

Thanks a lot!

P.S. Oh. i also want to know how to correctly add negative keywords… should it be 1-2 words broad match type? i assume I cant use 1-word negative keywords unless it’s something like “free, pdf, ppt, download” etc… should I add them as broad, phrase or exact?