Presell pages aren't as easy as they lead you to believe

I am stuck at creating presell pages and click funnels. I have opened support tickets, had a coaching call ad noone is willing to help.

I feel like I just through 1000,00+ in the garbage.

Illya goes to fast, he doesn’t understand that a lot of people aren’t as tech savvy as him.

I’m frustrated and wanting to quit.

If anybody cares, I am needing help


Hi there, @beckybsbiz!

Please know that you may use our in-house hosting platform for free which is also part of the course in module 2.

The SASPanel has pre-build presell pages that are ready to be used.

You may also find helpful webinar videos relevant to the SASPanel here


Did you get things sorted Becky?

I’ve been out of touch lately and just saw this.

Hi Becky, I would like to help you out. You can contact me at [email protected]. Here is a really easy funnel to setup that will get you leads rolling in.

Find a good ebook about whichever niche you want to sell. Create a small squeeze page like the one I have set up here with a free ebook: So, when they sign up for it they get a newsletter on 15 Hot Traffic Sources, and they get added to your list.

Then get a 15 email auto-sequence telling stories about each traffic source with a P.S. at the bottom with a link to a Traffic Product that I am promoting.

I set it all up on Leads Leap. They track conversions, clicks, visitors, etc. You setup a 2 page funnel.

Create 2 campaigns. One for the opt-in form. One for the Thank you page.

One is the email sign up form. The other is a thank you page that you convert into a mini product page with a link to the product. Once they put their email in, that triggers the email sequence. Leads Leap has an autoresponder, funnel builder all built into it. It’s really cheap. I paid like $20 for lifetime use. They also have advertising too.

Then just send a bunch of traffic to the email capture page. You can do this with any product. If you need help setting it up I would be more than happy to help. I have some templates you can load into leads leap that you can customize and everything. Don’t just send them to a presell page basically. Just a simple email capture form with a good lead magnet. You can also store your lead magnets on leads leap.

I hope this helps

Sounds contrary to what john teaches in SAS.

Clickbank used to taught people into building option pages, lead magnets and start email marketing campaigns. Send emails everyday or two, 3 free valuable content and then an offer. Repeat offer many times as most people don’t buy the first time. And so on.

Clickbank university 2.0… but now that’s dead.

Lurn teaches the same method (and charged over $1000) to teach the same as Clickbank.
You know Clickbank, it’s the real thing.

In this case, it’s true the course doesn’t look like targeted to older people or those who aren’t technical experts. In my case, I understood everything at higher speeds. John at 1.5x and Illya at 2.0x.

I took notes about everything (almost 14 pages so far, at module 11 right now).
I’ll put this system into action, it seems logical and should work.

About preselling, with purelander damn… it seems so easy to copy-paste any presell page you research, and edit before downloading. And then manual uploading doesn’t seem too hard. a few tries and once you learn, it’s easy to have your own website up and running flawlessly.

Now if you have money to invest in Clickfunnels, even EASIER to do everything.
Doing the presell pages is not the hard part.
It’s the research that takes time and effort. Checking ads that work, presells pages that have been working for a lot of time and rip-off their quality elements that are working.

Remember, copywriting has “copy” on it for a reason. Just copy what works.
Couldn’t get any easier. I love this course.