Perfection Kills Sales

In the “Secret to Success” module, we are encouraged to take a photo of the coaching, and write down whichever step of the “secret2success” that speaks to us. I really resonated with the “perfection kills sales.” John talks about not trying to analyze everything and to really commit to taking action and doing the work. We are encouraged to get out of our head and apply what we are learning.

I have a background in publishing books online. My mentors who are prolific authors with writing, I’m not joking, one book a WEEK, live by this same principle. They just dive into their work, get the words down, release. Rinse and repeat. Perfectionism kills. Some people pour over “their perfect novel” for years and never release their art/work/investment/passive income opportunity because they can’t let go of making sure everything is just right. Not to mention self-doubt, insecurity and everything else that comes internally with being an artist/risk taker. This is such gold: Just take action and don’t look back. Reflect, sure. But I feel this one piece of advice is what holds back SO many people every day in all areas. Fear of messing up. Fear of mistakes. Fear of doing it wrong. The wildfire analogy is golden that he shared.

What spoke to you in this lesson?


Love this. It reminds me of something I read in Hypnotic Writing. The author says that Jack London advised writers not to sit around waiting for the muse (or inspiration) to come to them but rather to chase after it with a club! :smile: I am a “recovering perfectionist” and am learning to move forward more often/intentionally as well. :+1:

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I love this! @evoke2beauty I definitely need to read this book! Thanks for mentioning it. :yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

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Sure! I am halfway through it so far - it is an excellent book!

I have a post-it on my monitor. It says “Take Massive Imperfect Action”. I need to look at it more often!


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Perfectionism is a disease. Good if you don’t want to get the job done or your already very rich.

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Love the term recovering perfectionist. My prior work moved best when I demonstrated my “perfectionist self”. But not taking action because it can always be better, is a trap!
I will keep an eye on your posts for more great terms.

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Yes that’s so true. Analysis Paralysis