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Over $300 on ADS, no results.. should i cut?

Ok, cut the red and grow the green. Never saw the seed grow at all.


A lot of hops came only from US, i saw 2 server calls | clickbank says that it means interacting with the order form page ▼


I’m past $300 spent in ads. Used the generic ad video, ad copy, landing presale page. Got a relevance score of 3, $20 per day budget, US,CA,NZ,AU 35-65+ age with engaged shoppers behavior. No results. No income generated.

I received a “bull shitt” comment, which i think it kills the ad’s potential whenever it receives a bad engagement, but it had 5 shares and 1 like.

The video according to facebook is not hooking the audience. after 5 seconds (common human’s short attention span) they are gone more than 80% of viewers.

And once all these people got into the presale page, google analytics tell me they are not watching the whole video. they leave after 2:41 (video lasts 3min)

Maybe I am not letting run the ad for more than a week, i have recreated the ad multiple times tweaking stuff like interest, multiple ad sets (affiliate marketing & engaged shopper, only engaged shopper), different copy to see if i get higher relevance score and avoid bad comments. summing up to 70-100 per ad.

Does it Facebook mad that i create multiple ads that look similar? I’ve read somewhere Facebook lowers your presence due to multiple reasons.

I need some guidance on this, I think I’ll try promoting another product with lower commission just to get my first commission… this is not a good nutrition for my self esteem.

I want to succeed as an affiliate marketer


Same problem. I wonder if anyone is Hi-Jacking our links when people are clicking them. Just a thought.

I’m working like crazy to succeed on this, so i have to study hard and practice ain’t easy since it cost money.

Maybe i need to reach “think and grow rich” from napoleon hill before spending a lot in ads… i just bought it from amazon, getting it in a week.

you know, somehow the mindset attract results and right now i’m thinking a little bit desperately to get results…

So far, no guidance from support or John. I’ve been redirected to Q&A which is good material. specially the hop-order or link-hop rate which let me see the traffic quality is bad… no idea.

wrong targeting or saturated product? with a lot of people online, and engaged shoppers changing the people available everyday it cannot be saturated… in theory. But i can see there are a lot of ads right now for SAS.

You can check this by going in AdBeats and typing in

Hopefully someone with more experience can show me the light. I want to learn more about this and succeed. So anxious to get my first commission.


I have had 900 views on my SAS video with no conversions (sales). I’m not sure how to improve my conversion rate. I think maybe people are use to clicking right on the video instead of going below to find my domain link to get more information.

Youtub does not allow me to place a clickable link where the arrow points at the end of the video or anywhere else on the video.

Anyone else at this point and have any suggestions to improve my video?

i did the same, mine ran about 24days before i stopped it. No sales ,and some guy at google that bearly speaks english. oversea s countries are in charge of whether i make any money. SORRY I’M JUST FRUSTRATED . VIDEO S TOO LONG.people are leaving before they can order.people are playing it safe ,working 9to 5.

Please add my voice to yours, you are speaking my mind!!!:scream:

Too bad the community doesn’t care much about our experiences. No helpful replies so far.

Hi there, I’m new here, have been running my FB ad 2 days now as per instructions, my CPM is over $30, that’s probably way more then it should be and only 3 hop counts, had some negative comments initially, so I deleted them. I think facebook doesn’t like that and makes your clicks more expensive as a results. Any thoughts? I’m looking forward to start google ads!

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I also have a question, if I’m advertising from UK to USA,Canada, Australia and New Zealand, which time zone should my ad account be in? Thanks for your advice folks!


Run the Ads in “Viewer’s Time Zone”.
How to do this in Facebook:
In the “Ad Set”; Under “Budget and Schedule” set your budget to “Lifetime” budget (the viewer time zone can only be done if budget is “Lifetime”). Below that you will be able to set “Ad Scheduling” and then you will be able to “Run ads on a schedule” and select “viewer’s time zone”.

Regarding Negative Comments-I hide them if they are very negative (Not sure if Facebook likes this better than deleting comments). Also, I will try to spin the comment (to a positive) if possible. I do this for two reasons: 1) Facebook Likes engagement and 2) I know others are looking at comments so I use it as an opportunity to educate or squash potential concerns that someone else may have (For example, someone had commented on my ad post “Nothing to see here, they only want your email”. I replied “Actually, We are providing a Free Webinar to…and we only collect your email to correspond about any questions that you may have…”). Having said that, some people out there like to troll and be an annoyance for their pleasure, so be careful about getting into a “back and forth” argument with them; Know where to cut these people off. Hope this helps!

There are some good questions for @AndyStewart in here - it’s quite an old thread, so maybe he is not seeing it?

Hey @MillionaireFactMan! Thanks for tagging me here!
Hey @MonPreneur! Your ad account should be set to your local time zone. You do not need to schedule your ads or worry about the time zone where your ads are running - just let them run.

I am with all of you. Ads running no sales.

What do we do?

Over $300 spent. Just 34 clicks, no sales. What should we do?

The answer is subjective. If you’re getting the right type of traffic and clicks are happening, that’s a great sign, but your targeting may need improvement. Unfortunately nobody can predict whether a sale will come from the first click or the 100th click, so understanding your target market is important. You might make some tweaks to the existing ad, or create a new one to run against it as a test. Can you get your CPC lower? Those are the types of things I look at.

Also, this is a great piece from CrazyEgg on the subject:
Getting Clicks But No Conversions? Here’s What You Need to Do

Hope it helps!

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be patient study your ad and continue learning as you are taking action.