Landing Page Issues

I have FB ad rejection I can’t get past:
“Here’s what’s preventing your ad from being approved: Landing Page:
The reason behind our policies: The content advertised by this ad is prohibited.”
I am using the standard Presell landing page Funnel.
Do you have any suggestions?

Hi Sam

You do not say what you are promoting. Is it John’s SAS funnel or some other offer?


Yes, I am using the presell page from SAS, unchanged. But FB has been picking at me with many objections on every ad I place. There seems to be a target on my account.

Do you have an image only ad or a video ad? I started with video only ads, then changed it to the recommended FB video, only to be rejected after running it for 3 weeks. So I went back to image only ads.

FB also has disapproved my landing page. I used the same page as John’s from the download page, integrated it to my Clickfunnel and to my wordpress. I have edited it and Clickfunnel shows the edited version but when I go to my website, (, it still shows the unedited version. I sent a ticket to Clickfunnel and now response yet.

I am using the precise recommendations from John, and I get picked at by Facebook with one objection, appeal and approval, then a new objection, then appeal and approval, etc. The last being the Landing page with the note " We don’t allow ads that promote unclear, misleading, “work from home”, MLM, get-rich-quick, or deceptive employment opportunities.".
I’v taken a few day respite from Ads on FB watching for any suggestions on how to reply.

Yes I’m getting the same issue with the recommended SAS FB Ad and presell page. I had the Ad running for a few days and then it kept getting rejected. I thought it was down to some issues with the landing page showing up as Clickfunnels URL which I have since fixed and then I had some other issues. I ended up deleting the whole ad completely and starting again from scratch following step by step John’s training. It ran for a few hours and then got disapproved again due to not allowing MLM, qet-rich-quick etc. I have paused the Ad and have set up a boost post style Ad to my FB page to see if that gets approved.

I am having the same issue with FB. Feel like I’ve followed the steps exactly and used the SAS FB Ad and Presell page with Clickfunnels and can’t get approved.

I see other ads that used the exact same video so I can’t figure out what’s wrong

I would recommend you delete the split-test that says “Create an Online Side-Business for Fun and Profit” from the shared clickfunnels funnel that you downloaded. That may be what facebook doesnt like.

I had setup that split-test during a training as an example to show off how to setup a split-test.

Feel free to make further changes to the presell page if facebook is being particularly hard on your landing page, OR just move on to more friendly territory, such as Youtube ads.


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I’m having a similar issue with Facebook as well. The reasoning they provided is… " This ad isn’t running because it doesn’t follow our Advertising Policies. We don’t allow ads that promote unclear, misleading, “work from home”, MLM, get-rich-quick, or deceptive employment opportunities."

This irks me incredibly. I have seen in another post that Facebook stated that when my students advertise SAS (Super Affiliate System), it is a multi-level marketing scheme. I have been doing a deep-dive research into all applicable laws and can 100% verifiably say that SAS is NOT AN MLM AT ALL. It fails all tests of this.

This business is NOT advertising a multi-level marketing or network marketing firm, as it does not fit the Koscot test under FTC law. Any individual, without any payment by participants, can become a part of the referral program by creating an account online here. Case reference: Koscot Interplanetary, Inc., 86 F.T.C. 1106, 1181 (1975).

Multi-level marketing firms require that participants pay money in order to access the commission structure. SAS doesn’t even fall under the broader definition of a ‘Business Opportunity’ because this doesn’t meet the requirements of the Business Opportunity Rule § 437.1m; 'that advertising and general advice about business development and training shall not be considered as ‘providing locations, outlets, accounts, or customers.’"

I have added language to my affiliate page, as well as the shared Clickfunnels pages (I suggest you download the fresh ones here), and I advise you fight any disapproved ad, or deactivated account on a legal basis, because what Facebook is doing is not only wrong, but against their very own rules and possibly the law.

I have hired lawyers to make sure that an end is put to this, but until then, feel free to cite the cases I’ve just put above here, and that are also referenced in the footer of my affiliate page.


You can see I have added additional footer text to both the presell pages you download from Clickfunnels, as well as the affiliate page for SAS. If you are uploading your pages through the manual method, I would simply copy/paste the sentences about Business Opportunity, and Multi-level Marketing, into the footer.

I don’t mean to sound like a conspiracy theorist here, but I believe there is a serious agenda to keep people from shifting out of the university > corporate job > high taxation economy. Im not sure exactly WHY or HOW it is happening, but I believe there are forces that dont want wealth to spread here. There is no basis for ad disapproval here. There is no basis for harm to society. There is no basis for limiting people’s ability to self-educate themselves about how to utilize the internet-enabled tools of advertising in our new era. Yet for some reason, its happening. Well we will fight them using their own legalese language, and we will win, and more and more people will become successful more and more ways.

So fight back every disapproval/deactivation with the legal language I provided you, and simultaneously move on to launching ads with Youtube, and Google. All these methods make money, and have been making hundreds of thousands of dollars for individuals all across the globe, working from their home. I want to see it happen to you next, and lets am making sure that none of these sporadic obstacles that facebook (or whatever) tries to use to damper peoples transition to self-employment, and self-education, will be effective.


Thank you @John_Crestani! I feel as if you are the type of person that is taking these facebook ad rejections to heart, because it affects not only this course, and the hard work you have put into creating it, and the seemingly legitimacy of the course, but the newbies here (myself included) that really don’t have a good grasp on the ins and outs of online marketing yet. I very much appreciate you fighting the good fight along with us! :hugs:
With that being said, as I was laying in bed last night, awake in the wee hours of the morning, pondering, how the heck to get around this block… ( I come up with some of my best… sometimes worst ideas…lol at these times…) Here is what I have tried so far, none has worked…yet…
I tired submitting original ad…rejected for the reasons stated being MLM and whatnot…
edited some of the wording, rejected again, appealed, rejected.
Waited a day, resubmitted same ad with the hopes that maybe whom ever was reviewing it, was just having a bad day??? ( don’t laugh, I don’t know how these things work…haha!) rejected again…
I tried editing the text of the ad to a "How to make full time income working part time from anywhere… rejected for the same reason.
I tried just posting the ad to my page news feed, then tried to “boost audience”… rejected for the same thing…
So back to last nights thoughts… I wondered if maybe because my page as no likes or followers, that FB is rejecting my ads because of that??
So my plan today was to do a little research into an audience area, post either an article relating to that audience or a meme… boost just that, no advertising anything, hoping maybe it will get a few likes and followers, then try to submit the ad again…
I also thought I would try posting the ad to a none english speaking country, see if that works… I will try that too…
Will keep everyone posted, but like I said earlier… sometimes the ideas I come up with in the wee hours of the morning are not so good…lol
Some piece of advice that my mom has always givin to me, and I say it frequently to my son… “if there is a will, there is a way”
Keep at it peeps! Keep the faith! I believe in this course, I believe in YOU, and most importantly… I believe in ME!! :blush:
You Never Know How Close You Are So Never Give Up on Your ...


The following has been successful in getting me past the immediate “MLM related” rejections coming with every ad. I have yet to find something that will get me past the Landing Page and Content objection. I wish John would help generate a response since it is his Presell Landing Page and Program content that is being rejected.


**This is a Landing Page and Program Content rejection Appeal that got me the same answer back again. I used John’s latest disclaimers to no avail. I hope John can find some time to help us through this obstacle! **

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This is Facebook’s reply to my Appeal: “The Content advertised by this ad is prohibited”. … "We won’t allow the further creation of Facebook ads for this product."


We could certainly benefit from some suggestions or a document of some kind from SAS which would enable us to get acceptance of the “Content … for this Product.”

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Hey Sam,

Here’s what I do and I get approved every time. There Approval process is fickle so here’s the process that will get you approved most of the time, if not every time.

  1. Make sure in the review process under Advertising Policies you make your Ad and Landing Page message congruent.

  1. Make a Custom Landing Page in Clickfunnels to create that congruent message FB is looking for. I collect emails then send them to the Presell.



  1. The ad above goes to my custom landing page and then you can send them to the Presell Lander John gives up

This should get you approved and going. Hope this helps.


Rodney Kim


That is exactly the reply I got to my appeal. I was hoping to replace the video with the one I see for TEST, but I can not see how we can access them. @John_Crestani can we replace the video with the one showing test. I think one that does not start with a stack of money may help facebook to believe this is not a get rich quick scheme.


That is a very worthwhile suggested approach. Perhaps John cold even work the landing page into his presell funnels. I’m not sure I am good enough at ClickFunnels to create the landing page and email collection.


This is a negative statement and I’m sorry, but it has to be said!

Why are we wasting so much time jumping through FaceBook’s hoops! To me, it is definitely, not worth the time and aggravation! And you have to pay them for the darned ads on top of all the aggravation!

Just saying! It’s certainly not worth it to this 68 year-old woman! I think we lose our patience as we get older! LOL

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