Is this correct? >> Google Ads Tracking Setup

So I finally end up configuring my Google Ads account and Clickbank Tracking options.

Can you guys let me know if this is correct? I’m a little bit confused because I can’t see conversions right now. My ads are not delivering me any sales, yet. But I want to start with the right foot from the beginning.

Is the tracking is setup correctly, I should see this number go up when a sales is done.

I remember in the video he mentioned 2 conversion actions: page view and purchase category.
Both with Clickbank Tracking ID required:

• Page View Label for Order Form
• Purchase Label for Confirmation Page

What is the “Order Form” page view category conversion for?
I mean, I can see order form impressions in Clickbank report.
But inside Google Ads this is a mystery to me.

Where do I look at it? And how it helps me to track which ad converts best?
I’m confused about this detail, was not detailed enough in the videos.

Please guide me, and let me know if everything is setup correctly.

Thanks SAS team!

To your success,