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Is it okay? Category for Affiliate Offers

is it okay to start a category for Affiliate Offers? With a TOPIC for each specific offer. For example I’ve been trying to promote Red Tea Detox for over a month now and have learned a lot from a few of my mistakes that could save some others members time and money, but I also still have a specific challenge with their Quiz landing page that I have not been able to solve. I have scoured the internet for hours looking for the answer and unfortunately the Vendor does not support questions regarding HTML and coding. I think it would be very helpful if we can have a category for Affiliate Offers and then have Topics for each affiliate offer. We may want to have a policy where all posts for a product are submitted under the same Topic so the forum site doesn’t get too congested with questions.

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Yea 100% this is a great idea. Ill start that forum section and post some of the best offers I’ve seen in there as well.

Most vendors won’t give much support to affiliates honestly, its kindof on you to figure things out and know how to promote. For instance, since my product made top of clickbank, I have a few hundred people getting sales for my product, 5,000 promoting my product, and another 10,000 interested in promoting but not sending any clicks. We get a gazillion messages each day from wanna-be affiliates. Thats a major reason I started this training course, because theres a massive demand for people to want to be affiliates, but the economics of training all those people for free doesnt make sense, which is why it doesnt happen much on the vendor side.

I’d suggest you create your own landing pages for the offer using clickfunnels. I tried learning html at one point but its tedious, tiresome, and annoying lol


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hey! @suedocross @John_Crestani Where can I find this affiliate offer section? I’m new here. Thanks so much! I’ll post this question in the help desk, as well.

Here you go :slight_smile:

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Thank you! @SaraNightingale

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