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Got My First Sales Commission With on my 3rd weeks

I came home today to start doing some research on clickbank product and there was a big surprise awaited for me on my clickbank dashboard Coz I saw first sale commision. I was overwhelmed coz i did not expect it i was on learning process and setting up the system but I’ve got my first sale. Thanks SAS and the team.



Fabulous! Now keep it going :wink:

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Yeeha! Good job Divina!

Remember, the very first commission is always the hardest. So you’ve done the hard part, the rest is going to be much smoother, I’m sure :slight_smile:


Vinajouna Congratulations for your sales. I got a question did the sale came through google?

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Hi Armorextors
The sale came through Facebook ads.



Awesome! I’m so happy for you!


Congratulations Divina! :+1:

It’s posts like this that give all new people hope that their time is coming!

And in just the 3rd week. Great!

Keep it up!


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Wow! Big congratulation!

So far it seems like FB ads are converting a lot. There was other mentions that people got sales from FB ads.

Just curious if your ad is still running on FB and does it bring a lot of traffic?


Congrats. i’ve just started on my journey.

Well done Divina :partying_face::+1: I am very happy for you. I look forward to posting my first success soon. Have just started. :pray:

Awesome! :-):grinning:

Can you share if this sale was triggered through FB Advertising or some other channel?

Congratz!!! :clap:t4: :hugs: Keep up the good work.

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Congrats! Good news!! I rejoice with you. Please scale what you are doing to multiply your income.

Great to here …and you say your just getting started , It,s inspiring .