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Having been in the Air force for 15 years, ending up as an Instrument Fitter Servicing Sergent, on a trip to Antarctica In the RNZAF on C130 Hercules, was my highlight.

I then entered the engineering world at age 36 . To follow the new computer era as engineering was being introduced to new computer sensing products with computers. Moved into email marketing etc.

Published a Tear-out Lead generating Magazine .
and had a Passion, for about 40 years, about the open Opportunity of the Online world ., and specialized in Networking as a royalty.
Those were the wild west Cowboy days, as the internet Bizopp Industry evloved. I lost 3000 leads to collapsed companies , started over 5 times, had my good times and the bad,
but it was always exciting.

To set up Income diversification for many small Under 50 staff. using Network programs back in the 70,s. from running day seminars. In PMA ,
and Multiple sources of Income with 3 Network company, as One promotion system.

I am now one of the older dudes probably here, so Guys, be kind … I am a plodder, but I always get there.
But had a driving passion that has never left me in 40 years. to help so many people earn Online.

The ONE thing I never really got into was an affiliate .
So here I am at 79.4 Now having the TIME …
I am really excited to be taking this course. New fire in the belly.

Let me put it out there … From scratch I want to have an Income proof of earning $100,000 usd before my 80th … In December.
That gives me In 7.5 Months.
Cheers Eddy-Rob.