Google ads says Misleading?

I do not know what is going on. I used my own domain name and done exactly what John said to do. Anyone have any advice? At this point, I’m just frustrated. I used the google ad swipes John provides for us, but still it says misleading.

Hi @JamesAddington .
Apparently there is something going on with google and Facebook flagging SAS program as MLM and spam. Many have had their accounts banned. No one really is addressing it other than sharing their experiences. I would tread lightly for now with promoting SAS. And maybe try another product until this blows over.

Can you send a screenshot of exactly what Google is saying?

I will have my lawyers draft up a letter to Google, for ALL students to use. We currently have our letter to Facebook here, where my lawyers (who specialize in this industry, and are not cheap either…) clearly state that we are NOT an MLM. I have put the exact language, with references to the actual laws and legal precedents on the bottom of my main page,

" MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING: This business is NOT advertising a multi-level marketing or network marketing firm, as it does not fit the Koscot test under FTC law. Any individual, without any payment by participants, can become a part of the referral program by creating an account online here. Case reference: Koscot Interplanetary, Inc., 86 F.T.C. 1106, 1181 (1975)."

To be an MLM Id have to actually charge people money just to be an affiliate of my program.

Thats not the case at all, as anyone can be an affiliate, and I have plenty of affiliates who are just random marketers who have been doing this for a while, and they know my program is one of the best program to be an affiliate for. What my program is about is simply marketing education.

We currently have the letter my lawyers drafted up for Facebook here, Legal Documents for Affiliates - Google Drive , (you can download it and send that too if you’d like) .

I’ve realized that its not the corporations who are against me, its the rank-and-file employees of these corporations who I am guessing are perhaps jealous or even envious. One google search of me shows that I am making $500k/month, with no employees nor do I work for anyone. It is much over that now. That is outside of most peoples realities. My guess is that it is so outside of most peoples realities, ESPECIALLY corporate employees.

If anyone else is having issues with Google/Youtube, post the exact reasoning they gave you here, and also make sure to appeal whatever disapproved ads you get, and cite the language, and/or the official legal letter from my lawyers, and the situation will be resolved.


Hey John, thank you for responding to this issue. Below I will be sending you the screenshots of the email I got from google. What should I do, try to post them again or what. I do not want to get banned from google about this issue. Here is the screenshots. If you need me to, I can forward the email I got from them, just let me know.

I am having the same exact problem. Ok Google Ads disapproved my ads 3 times. They continue to say it’s being disapproved because it is misleading of my landing page but my landing page is the same exact landing page that John recommend in the training but Google is not approving John recommended pages and I followed step by step to this point. I spoke with a Google specialist and he said my landing page is getting denied because no one should have to click on a button that says go get training in order to see what the product is about. Also, he said nobody should have to click to register for a training because that’s not in GOOGLE guidelines. This is getting very frustrated. How do I get my ads approved?? I really need to make money…

Blessings801 did you try the disclaimer on your google ads yet? Stating individual results may vary? Curious if this fixed the problem for you.

Everything started like 2 weeks ago. Google Ads sent me a message saying “Misleading Representation”. I though it was related with some of the pictures, so I removed the ones not approved by then. Later on, I have some issues with the hosting page (lack of reliability - page was down through all this weekend), so I decided to change to another hosting company. Later on, while working and setting up the new hosting place. I just got an email from Google Ads saying that the account has been suspended, no reason explained but that I violated the terms of the contract. I know because I’ve been reading that a lot of people had the same issues in the recent past. Now I just fill up an email and ask them to reconsider. And I offer them to change the payment method (from Debit Card to Direct Payment through my bank account). I am really disappointed. What should I do? I would love to resolve this issue the right way and get my account operative again.

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For ads flagged as misrepresentation, make sure you add the words “individual results may vary”.

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