Google ad account suspended

Google has suspended my ad account for suspicious account activity. Of course, I have immediately appealed. The ads ran a while so I am a bit of money into this. They have warned me to make no attempts to create another account or I will be banned. Since I could not get an ad approved on facebook and my ads are knocked off Google and You Tube, I have a lot of money invested and no ads running anywhere. This is hugely disappointing. I can not afford these losses without any ads running to recoup investment.

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I see from the comments on Google that some have been appealing this same problem with Google for years without satisfaction. If I can not get ads on Google, You Tube or facebook, I might as well drop out now and cut my losses.

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my facebook ads were also removed and my google ad account suspended with no “real” explanation or recourse

You can appeal both, although I got nowhere doing it. Both have a form or support pages for this. Google does not feel they have to explain why which is frustrating. At least facebook sends you something, even if it is a standard rejection message.

i well aware of that and have done so several times. FB finally did respond with a bit of a vague answer about posting content. Google just kept sending me the same rejection with zero information

Exactly my experience as well.

I am also having the same experience with google ads. I have appealed twice now with no resolution.

Send them the legal letter that we had written (for facebook, but will apply to googles rules as well) certifying that this program abides by all laws, rules, and representations.

Google suspended my account because “we’ve identified suspicious behavior in the payment activity of your account, as a results your ads will no longer run on Google or our partner websites, and you can not create any new accounts. If you believe your account was suspended in error, submit an appeal…”

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You must fill out their appeal form online. It does not allow you to make attachments. I have been denied repeatedly. I get the same denial email no matter what I say to them. The refuse to discuss it on the phone.

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I have tried every way possible to explain it to these guys only top get that exact email each time. I think it is automated and they do not read much of your appeal.

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The same thing happened to me as well.
Facebook disabled my account for an erroneous reason that was not applicable to my account or ads at all.
My best suggestion with Facebook is to open another ad account, run an engagement ad without your link for about $20 to get likes/activity on your page, after that try to run an ad with your link in it to connect users to whatever you are promoting.

Google suspended my ad account also. They said I should have a response to my appeal within 3 business days and I could follow up in that email as well with any more questions. We’ll see what happens but I will definitely follow up with every contact option they give you in their emails.

Here are some links that may be helpful from the support area

I know this seems redundant but if you’ve exhausted all your options with Google trying to appeal, I suggest using another Google account with different payment information, address, and maybe even a VPN, or just access it from another computer outside of your home network so they can’t track your IP address.

Just keep trying don’t let some person sitting in a support desk dictate your success. There is ALWAYS another way, you just have to find it.


When I set up my facebook page, they immediately linked it to another page I have and my personal account. They are too sophisticated to not find any related pages. It is my URL that is the problem, so I don’t think another page will help. I need to find a way to contact them.
Google is much more advanced. They track by IP and they will catch a new account right away. I don’t have another computer to use, but they will find you if any information matches. I have two You Tube channels and other Google profiles. They would link me up in a short time and I can not afford to be blocked elsewhere. I have appealed the ad suspension many times, always the same email response.

You don’t have to create a new FB page, just add a new ad account to your business manager. For FB support you have to contact them by responding to their disapproved ad message or disabled account message. It is difficult to contact them directly without them contacting you first.

For Google, try not to flood them with multiple appeals before each prior appeal is answered. Yes, you are correct if you make another account none of the previous information you used can be used again because the suspension is linked to that information.

My problem with facebook is I can not appeal an ad that is too old, they do not accept that. Adding an ad account will not solve my problem as they immediately block my ad when I try to enter my URL. It is the URL they object to and will not allow me to create an ad with it. If I could get to a disapproved ad I would have an avenue for appeal.

You may need someone to look at your setup to find any possible issues w/ your URL. Or you could even make an entirely make a new URL. I understand that would be tedious and would cost but its JUST an option.

The problem with the URL is facebook objects to the type of URL. It is the same objection that gets ads disapproved. Since I can not get to post an ad so I can appeal, I am stuck. I think it would be the same with another URL, although I might get to the ad posting stage with another one. I hate to pour more money into this without a resolution.

Understand that Facebook can disapprove anything for any reason they wish. Just weigh your options, cost vs reward my friend.

I would be glad to try facebook ads if only I could get far enough to try to post one.

This thread has been very helpful. I had an original Google account that I set up for personal use many years ago. I thought that for business purposes I would set up a separate gmail account. Obviously, some of the information is going to be the same. So, when I set up the Google ads account I used my business email address, but they actually linked it back to my personal account, hence the having ‘multiple accounts’ claim. The other thing is that the personal account has an old (and no longer functioning) email address associated with it. So, if they tried to verify anything with that address, they would not get a response. Oh dear, what a mess! Question is now how on earth do I sort it out?!!!

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