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First Week Applying SAS = 3 Sales. ROI 200% ! || Here's My Vision Board To Inspire My Success

Dear Friends, I want to share my vision board today.
One of the homeworks requested inside the SAS Super Affiliate System, by John Crestani.

Long time ago i was looking for a purpose in my life, and to achieve that i took a psychology degree just to realize the “9-to-5” job is not my thing.
Dealing with people’s problems one by one as a therapist is not my style. But still, there’s a lot of trouble out there to fix.

I want to serve people and help them. First, i thought of doing seminars but public speaking is not my thing - most people are staring at their phones.
And I’m not very social. In a matter of fact, I’m diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. My social skills are little to none. But that makes me smart in other areas.
Such as numbers, analytic & logic thinking, reasoning, computers, designing, data analysis, etc… everything required to succeed as an affiliate marketer.

So i wanted to write books, yeah. I thought of myself as an author. And that’s when I stepped into Copywriting. Which is the art of selling through written words.
I met Ted Nicholas. A legendary copywriter and direct response marketing master. That’s when I realized what i wanted to do in my life.

I Am a Direct Response Marketing Copywriter.

Since then, my life has turned 180 degrees. And when I met John Crestani (the center of my vision board) My life went out of this planet.
I’m still orbiting around this world, trying to crack the code and set myself free from the rat race. John showed me the way.

Fast forward today, I’ve got 3 sales. Out of $60 ad spend, I’ve a revenue of $180. Isn’t that cool for the first week applying John’s method?

It really is simple. Not easy, but doable. I will always remember his words: “Take Massive Action”.
My biggest enemy is myself and my procrastination. That analysis paralysis that won’t let me move forward.

This vision board is to remind me of what’s really important. Keep going.

To your success,
Lito “Your Super Affiliate Friend”

P.S. Follow John’s Method without hesitation. Leave worries and perfectionism for later. Start as soon as possible, and the results might surprise you. Take massive action - Today!


Great vision board and congratulations on your sale!!! :tada: :money_mouth_face: :fire: :muscle:

Thanks for the inspiring words. Love your visions board. Lots of emotion and positivity.

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Procrastination is my problem too. Glad you found a way out.

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Congratulations! I have newly joined SAS and found the course to be very interesting. However, when I saw the cost for ClickFunnels I had to stop. Money is so tight and my credit cards are beginning to max out. How did you approach the extra costs involved with setting up for success?

Thanks for your help!

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Good job, a DR person, you I assume are very good at getting ad attention, selecting audience so you should do gang busters, Thanks for sharing as I posted, like anything this is a grind to get profitable because if easy then all would do and there would be a saturated market. Hang in there is my motto, and yes my board is charting short term obtainable goals, hit them get pumped and do it again and again.

God Bless, hope 2023 is a great year for you


I loved your Vision board, message and enthusiasm. Great Job! Congratulations on your sales.