FB negative comment - delete or reply?

The image said it all, i tried paying ads to the community CA, US, NZ, AU with lookalike 1% audience from biz-opp list. And i got this comment right away.


What do you guys recommend? ignore? delete? reply?

Let me know what is the best action to take against this comments.

Delete it or Hide it (so only that person can see the comment).

Hi @Litoid

Just Hide…
since people like seeing more engagements on your ad but they cannot see what exactly the comments are…

If that person kept on bugging you…
Totally ban in your page.

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hey @Litoid, in your FB page settings, you can add negative words, then they wont show up in the feed, only you and the poster will see them. hope this helps :sunglasses:


oh great!!

Does it work for comments inside Ads?

I wonder if there’s a list for these words that kills the post.

@Litoid, I think the way it works, is because you are using a “page” to advertise on, the comments/posts that people make, will be inside that “page”. I’m sure you can google some common terms, but the best thing to do, is keep an eye out in your comments, delete any negative feedback right away, and add those words/phrases to the list. I have heard it’s been recommended to keep an excel file of negative words, so that when creating pages, you can just copy&paste instead of re-writing these words all the time. Try to use variations of the words too, like scam, SCAM,Scam, Scammer, money, fake, etc. hope that helps :sunglasses:

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That’s awesome! Thank you!

Right now it’s hard to visualize comments right away, they appear in page’s inbox as notifications, but i have to check manually.

Anyways, if this blacklist that blocks these kind of comments work, then i’ll have to flood some text in there. Thanks!


Awesome!! Try some variations to the words too, (eg. ALL CAPITALS, First Letter In Caps etc…) Hope this helps! :sunglasses:

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Thanks for the tip Jeanette.

I’ve also changed the “Profanity Filter” to strong.