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Facebook legal response works

I received notice that all three of my ads that were previously approved were disapproved over the weekend. There was no good reason other than it was something to do with MlM marketing, etc… I copied and pasted the legal response that John gave us last week into the response for review and my ads were back on before I got home from work tonight. The legal response works, if you get disapproved, give it to them! Thanks for doing this for us John.


Wow. Great to hear that and good luck to your sales.

Thank you @John_Crestani for providing us this letter.

Yes, it did work for me right away as well.
Hopefully it stays that way and I can continue to build new ad sets.
I added 3 more ad sets, and they have all been auto approved so far. Hopefully those stick as well.


Wow, case closed. I wonder if this decision was made only by the individual person reviewing the ad…Facebook is getting harder and harder to deal with, and they approve, disapprove or closed an ad account at their whim. I believe some of these issues happen because the system automatically flags certain ad activity. I would try switching things up a bit, improve your facebook page, add some new posts and a background pic to look more legit, fill in profile info, and try again.

If only one person turned your ad down, maybe trying again and getting a different person will give you a different result? Good Luck and Keep Trying! Keep us posted!

Yeah. That’s what i thouuso as well. Depend who’s on duty in FB reviewing your campaigns.

Just try and try and will have for sure at leaat 1 ad running in FB…

Can you send me the legal response or tell me where to find it.

Does anyone have an email or phone number I can contact facebook ads? I can not appeal my disapproved ad because it is too old and they do not allow, and I can not post another ad because they will not let me enter my URL, this leaves everything in “Draft.” I am absolutely stuck herewithout any recourse.

My FB Ad was disapproved last night after posting it. Thank you for your post…Now I have to find where that “Legal Response work” is to move on.

Thanks again.

Hi Cannonsk12, I found the Legal response under using the “Community” tab under “Resources”, then click on “Legal Resources”. There you will find two pdf files: one for Facebook Policy Violation and one for Google.

Now I must find how to submit that Legal “pdf” letter to FB because FB does not allow me to attach an ANSWER!


Worked for me too. My ad was approved within 2 hrs of submitting appeal. Thanks John!!!

Has anyone had success recently (March '19) with sending the legal letter to Faacebook?

It didn’t work for me.

Well, it worked to start with, received this today.

"Your ad isn’t approved after a closer review

We have reviewed your ad more closely and have determined it doesn’t comply with our Advertising Policies. This ad will not be active any longer until you edit it to comply with policy. You can click the ad name below to see why it wasn’t approved and make edits."

I will have to call when I have time to fight through it.

Yeah, that’s rough.
Would be curious what they came back with after they had previously approved your ads with the legal docs the first time.


Thanks for this… Could you kindly direct me to the legal response. I have searched around the forum and support but cannot seem to find it.


Carried on searching and I’ve found it :slight_smile:

Consider yourself lucky that your account wasn’t disabled. It is a headache you wouldn’t believe. You can still explore Clickbank and promote anything you’d like.

Thanks for that. I’ll try it today.

This may be kinda behind you all, but I had my previously approved Facebook ads turned off this evening. some of which I am curious if it weren’t my own fault for testing a few other groups that might apply in with what I had submitted. I should have left well enough alone… I went back and edited them out. I will see where this goes, but the excuse has to do with something like promoting ague or inacurate employment opportunities. I have had this happen to me before before I got the system and was like wait a second there are all these other people…different names promoting affiliate marketing or different aspects of it and they are on my wall every day. I guess its wait and see.