Affiliate id not appearing after you clicking CTA button

Hello, I’m not getting a response from my coach and I could really use some help. So I used the SAS pro preswll page to create a solo ad. I paid $250 to have a seller email my presell page. When you click the button to watch the training video, my affiliate ID appears in the URL. But after you watch the whole video and click any one of the buttons to purchase the course, my affiliate ID is nowhere to be seen… neither in the URL nor at the bottom with the quick bank order information. I only see affiliate= And then a combination of letters and numbers, but it’s definitely not my affiliate ID. So this clearly means I will not be getting commissions for anyone who decides to purchase the course. I don’t know what went wrong because I followed the instructions exactly and since this was a done for us presell page I assumed all of these important features would be intact.

“affiliate= And then a combination of letters and numbers”

this is the new way Clickbank shows affiliate links - hidden, for privacy.
if you are using a tid= you will see a point separating two blocks of text.


you will copy the “asdfkalasddasd” before the ., and use your Clickbank master account “Decoder” of hoplinks to check that link corresponds to your account:

Oh my goodness, thank you so much! No one had explained that to me until now. I previously found an older post where the response was that our affiliate id should appear on the order screen among the Clickbank info, but there was no mention of it being encrypted. I just checked it like you said and it’s correct! Holy smokes this has been bothering me for a week since I made my solo ad, and finally it’s resolved. I can’t thank you enough!

it has been updated recently. no worries. keep going :slight_smile: