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I’m new to Youtube ads. So if someone clicks on your youtube ad and watches the video…and if they click on a link…that link takes them to your website where they see the same video right? I’m no genius but shouldn’t we take them directly to the webinar sign up page if they click the link? It seems that adding the extra click back to the website may cause some conversion loss. Am I missing something? Thanks

Hi there Mark!

First, that’s a great question.
Second, the straight answer would be that Google (as well as Facebook) doesn’t allow direct affiliate links (hoplinks) on their ads (youtube ads being one of the options).

Therefore we need to have a presell page to direct to, which indeed contains John’s video in case of SAS promotion.

Also it’s not exactly the same video, the best video for YouTube ads is the mashup video currently, and there is an additional different one on resources tab under “Youtube Video Ad”.


Thanks Ilya!

So I was thinking that if they click the call to action on the YouTube ad, they are ready to register and not watch another video. So I built a registration page (no main video) but with two testimonial videos at the bottom (which maybe I should take out).

I wanted to emphasize the registration button since the last thing John talks about in the mash up is registration. It would be really nice if there was a Click Bank or affiliate link that went directly to the registration page…bypassing the current default Click Bank page with a picture of John and a button that says take me to the free training.

We eliminate another click and go right to the registration page after clicking on a registration button. Does that make sense? Right now there is 3 clicks to get to the registration page. That would bring it down to 2 clicks (which is better) Maybe that is not possible but it would be "good" ;). Thanks again Ilya!

Same question, please help me to understand? So I just finished YouTube week, just need a little clarification. Since Google and FB do not accept affiliate links, when someone watches the youtube video & decides to purchase the SAS program, how exactly would we get the credit/profit for this? What is that separate process?

@IlyaG Hi Ilya, you mentioned we need to have a presell page to direct to…is there an additional training on how to do this? I guess I’m not clear on how this is supposed to work, if there’s not really a link for someone to click on…thanks in advance for the help!

I’m in the same situation, trying to figure out how to link the YT ad to my landing page. Please help.

Hi, I’m no expert and I’m on the same journey as well, but I think the answer to your question is this; you need a pre-sell page. When someone clicks on your Youtube ad they are re-directed to your pre-sell page. The pre-sell page gives the prospect more info about the product to increase your chances of success. So when they click on the webinar sign up page…hopefully the pre-sell page did it’s job and they are ready to move to the next phase in the buying cycle. You would find this info in the Clickfunnel training section (I’m not sure which week it is). That particular weeks training also addresses setting up your pre-sell pages using the manual method too. If you promoting Johns program, the manual method or the Clickfunnel method has all of the creative ready for you to implement your pre-sell page. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Under your Youtube video, it will say (in the description section) “Click Here To Register For the Free Webinar” and link will be to your pre-sell page.

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Thank You, we are working on it!

@markdeit Thank you so much for clarifying that, I think I understand now :slight_smile: so the video will already have our link provided for viewers to click on, which will redirect them to our pre-sell page, which is connected to our own website or Clickbank, which is how we get paid if viewers purchase the program…hope this is correct.

Hey Jen - I think my explanation was confusing. Basically, when you post your video on Youtube, you will have to manually add your pre-sell page web address in the description section. So, viewers will watch your video and then click on your pre-sell page link in the description (the URL that you manually added). Hope that makes sense :wink:

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@markdeit Ohhhh I see, so there IS that extra step…ok got it, thank you again! I think YouTube seems a little more complicated for me. Although I believe I set it up correctly, I may focus on FB & IG ads instead…Hope you are making progress!