Yotube ad setup, google ads many impressions no sales

Hello everyone,

I got my Youtube video ad campaign set up and running, it got approved and has over a thousand impressions and 500 views, no conversions. I had some uncertainties in the creation of this ad campaign
such as selecting the proper audience because my options I could see were not quite the same as in Johns instructional video but I just wanted to take action and move forward so I selected what made the most sense to me! I hope to start getting some sales from my ads soon! Right now I have the Youtube video ad, a google search ad that was running but is not running now since I changed some keywords (it is under review), a google display ad that has over 55k impressions, 150 clicks, but no conversions yet, and a microsoft search ad campaing I created but is not running now, it is also under review.

Any suggestions I should do to maybe help make sales from these ads?