Why Need To Use ClickFunnel in Wordpress site / BlueHost?

If I use clickfunnel and as it is self developed so it has its own hosting server and I can do everything there from domain add to website / funnels creation and link up my affiliate links and email opt ins etc all and easily can grab my funnel url ( on my own registered domain ) to promote. so why I should integrate the clickfunnels on another hosting / wordpress site by doing an extra work? ISorry for this question as Im confused and not a native english speaker so I may missed understand some words / sentences in the clickfunnel method webinar.

Hi my name is Mustapha. I am from Morocco.
I think that you should be aware that clickfunnelswordpress, and bluehost are different things.
Bluehost is where you create your own website (domain name and hosting).
Then, you can choose whether you want a traditional website (that you can customise with wordpress), or a new generation website (which you can create with clickfunnels). The last one gives you many opions to develop your online business.
Finally, you connect what you customised (through wordpressor clickfunnels) to your domain.
I hope I could help.
Good luck.

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Hi @nazuusa2, if you already have a registered domain name through Clickfunnels, you may definitely use just Clickfunnels and disregard Bluehost. The course is designed to teach students step by step process from creating domain name, registering it, creating presell pages using the manual method and other methods. That is why, we have integrated Clickfunnels to Bluehost Wordpress because Clickfunnels is just an optional tool that you may or you may not use depending on your preference. Students may choose or decide whether to just use the manual method all the way or use a different funnel builder aside from Clickfunnels.

Hey @mabaid.2,
Thank you brother…I understand now. Really appreciate :slight_smile:

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Hello @SAS-Support-Staff,
Great ! Now It’s completely clear to me… Thank you

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You’re welcome! Glad to help!

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Your welcome dear Nazu.

Hello I am new here and my name is Jamal from UK
I now completed week 2 training module
I now have my own registered domain and host with Blue Host word press and I am using manual method to use and create presell page promoting John click bank product.
I am not using click funnels
Anyone using this method and any experience so far and any good result for using google or FB ads.use it for promotion?