Why clickfunnels

why do we need to sign up to clickfunnel?? why cant we use our own site for this , so if we do not use clickfunnels then we cannot complete course is this correct??


You don’t have to use Clickfunnels, that is optional. You can use the manual upload method to get setup. Clickfunnel is just an easier option for people that don’t want to work with the manual upload method.


Hi thx for reply @Support_Staff i understand you can use manual method to start etc that is what i am doing but in this week to complete course it says you have to sign up to clickfunnels and take screen shot of split testing to complete the course so i am asking why we cannot use our own site to complete this with split testing as i do not want to sign up for clickfunnels

You can go ahead and do that if you wish. Just take a screenshot of what you did for the badge