When Is The Best Time To Post Ads On Google?

An interesting question was raised on the webinar last night regarding ad scheduling on Google, so I’ve put this article together to explain how to see when your site is getting the most traffic.

This will help you decide when to post your ads to get the most out of your ad budget to maximise conversions.



Thanks Sabrina!

This is an insanely detailed resource, you guys! Don’t miss it.


I still do not see any thing.


Check this out:


You do need to be registered on our support site to view. It has a different log in to your SAS account.

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Very good article on when to time our google ads for the best viewing by potential customers. I did click the link for the google analytics template that was created for us. I didn’t understand at all what I was looking at. Should I just go to google analytics? Not sure what to do with the template.

  • carol brooks