When can we expect the next course to be unlocked for New Users

When will week 2 begin for me? I am super excited to start it. Is it set to automatically unlock the following week every Monday? How does it work?


Same question for me.

I would like to know same. Thank you!

Hey everyone,
I got a voicemail, with updates. You can expect it to unlock every 7 day and a voicemail from John welcoming you to Week 2!

Good to hear, Thanks!

I received the voicemail and the email, but I am getting an invalid access error. any thoughts?

I tried using a chrome, safari, and clearing cookies/history. still nothing

I am having the same problem trying to get into week 2. I got a voice mail on Saturday night welcoming me to week 2 but can’t get in on.

What’s more frustrating is that I woke up at 5 am to work on this before heading to work.

My scenario is exactly like your situation. Reach out to support, there is a possibility that they’ll have to manually unlock the course for you.