Whats up with week 2?! Follow Along w. Jz1

What’s up Follow alongers! This week was a dip of a dabble. When I set up CoolHandle Hosting I got froze out for some security issue they had. Apparently they think people would buy websites with other people cards or something and made me jump through some hoops of sending verification info like my Identification, image of my bank card and whatever.

A detail not taught by john coming up!
I created a manifestation magic page but the hop link sends it to johns landing page for SAS. anyone else have this problem>? Not anymore. That Glitch was quickly resolved in an update of an amazing new landing page. Has anyone tried and got results from this, yet? please share.

**The detail not taught:**Taught Here:
when manually creating a page, when you extract the zip file; a pop up window of which ?}“direct location” to place it. If you type something here which would look like public _html/ {say you …}put SAS , the website URL will be {your:} domainname.com/SAS
so for every landing page you create you will put a word in this spot to make a new URL page.
does this make sense?

if you have any questions simply reply. if this is valuable to you please click the heart :heartpulse: so it shows valuable to others! Thanks. :upside_down_face:

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I was reading through because your post title was interesting. I did’nt get all the issues you are presenting here but I did got into a little scrap with Bluehost hosting provider. They finally fixed the problem but It really was an hassle and slowed me down (so yah!..took me 2 days to get through this step as well…wasting time on the phone) I have been able to successfully create a presell/landing web page after that. I did’nt try manifestation magic presell page yet!

Also make sure you choose a ‘’.com’’ for your url when you register a domain name because you might encounter some problems when comes the time to assign your domain to an hosting provider. You might not have the right to assign it, so, you won’t be able to use it.

Anyway, thanks for the useful post!

Thanks orfreedom99 for your reply and shared interest. Let me know whats up with your Magic Manifestation experience.:fire::cyclone: Im stoked about the possibilities. :helicopter::rocket::flying_saucer:
Good to have a friend followin’ Along with one another.:beers: Cheers! to The Journey.}:trident::rainbow::waxing_crescent_moon::first_quarter_moon::waxing_gibbous_moon::full_moon:

On the >dot.Com detail: there really isn’t a big concern for the domain name ending and The detail of appreciation I value is the importance of taking action and securing the Action and investment of a domain name {whateveryou choose.digitalexpert.com} and get the action steps of creating a website page, landing page, presell page, as instructed. getting the fundamental elemental skills of making your business a Butterfly.:butterfly::money_with_wings:

& a great reflection on shared value amongst peers. We know we are not alone and the experience might have tolerances to allow for as we adjust get through and past expectations and allow the efforts to Grow by getting more accomplished in any way that is our next steps of success. It’s not a Race we are competing against anyone other than ourselves. It’s not If you cross your finish line, Its when. Keep going, Breathe good clean air and Drink Good CLean water. You got this, & Oh Yeah! High Five! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: Keepin up along whatever we follow along with one another. Thanks for the INvolvement again & Again. :handshake::call_me_hand:

Peace and Prosperity :green_heart::orange_heart::vulcan_salute::fist_right::fist_left::v::love_you_gesture::point_left::pray:

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