Whats primary purpose of your site?

Blog, Store, Business, Portfolio/resume Other

which do i choose? im in blue host new account


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HI there, It’s hard to pick just one, I know that was the difficult part for me to. I found that working with my Blog helped me alot. I posted a little quiz about what other people liked about Affiliate Marketing, Network marketing, and how do I minimize the search for a specific selection. Many said different things, but I got the most response for blogging about affilate marketing in general, then I got several responses to choose a format in Instagram and start posting to grow my audience, The problem with that, I wasn’t interested in Instagram, I also got some results that said to go to LinkedIn and start a conversation about business and ask what other people did to make a decision on what part of Affiliate Marketing they liked the most. I found that I was interested in Email and List building-so I am persuing that… but along the way I am promoting my Super Affiliate System and MarketingTech. I get alot of questions about what they are and where to find it so I give them my link and I have many lookers that show up in my Clickbank reports, but not so many that are purchasing, they all sign up for the FREE, I figure eventually I’ll get sales and in the meantime, I keep promoting SAS to my community forums and facebook businesses that allow affiliate marketing discussions. Somewhere along all that, you will decide what it is you want to promote for yourself.