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I’m Karl checking in from Baltimore, Maryland. I work on high-end luxury cars for a living. It’s cool but after 14 years I’m ready for something different. Currently, I’m working on lowering all my expenses so I can live off $3200 or lower a month. My first goal is to make 100k in my first year.

Thank you for your time,

Hi @Diggy! Welcome to the SAS family! We’re looking forward to helping achieve your goal! :clinking_glasses:

Hello Karl @Diggy :blush:
Welcome to the course!!! The SAS team is happy to have you aboard!
Changing your life and aiming for a decent amount of income sound like an awesome plan! We will doing our best to support you on this journey…the rest is up to your determination! As you go along with the course I highly encourage you to connect with our other students. Our community is filled with experienced marketers and chances are high that you will be able to grow your knowledge through these wonderful people! If you need a more detailed explanation for specific topics, it’s always a good idea to search our Help Desk for all sorts of tutorials.
Our students are all invited to join the Weekly Live Webinar with my colleague Ilya. These sessions take place on Thursdays but you can also watch the replay videos whenever it suits you.
Lastly I need to remind you of our “Build your Presell Page” contest, which is a wonderful exercise to improve your handling with affiliate marketing. Plus we have great giveaway prizes waiting for you!
Again welcome and please make sure to enjoy the upcoming weeks! :muscle:

Things have a way of aligning. I was about to google some presell pages and I see a SAS notification. It was your message and I feel foolish because I didn’t think to look in the community. Thanks for the heads up.

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