What Up! From Gold Coast, Australia

Hey SAS!!

Super pumped about starting on this next layer of knowledge with SAS for Affiliate Marketing.

I live on the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia with my wife and 2 young daughters.

I’m currently in the Amazon space- sell a small range of products in USA, AUS & UK.

I also use a Click Funnel to sell a physical product in the USA & AUS, soon UK. The purpose of this was purely to diversify my income streams. Amazon can be fickle. The AM is a further diversification and income stream.

My goal is to have income across the entire online space of US$1m per mth. Only $900k to go!!

Having also been in a bricks and mortar business for 10+ years, there’s no doubt that selling online is the way to go.

Wishing everyone the greatest success- As John says…DO THE WORK!! So true!!



Hi Matthew, I wish you all the best in you journey to success.

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HI Matthew! Welcome to the family. We wish you great success as well! And good quote from John. That’s indeed true. Do the work and don’t stop! :wink:

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Hey Matthew,
Greetings and welcome from the UK! Good luck with your journey.

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Feb 2020 Hello Matthew,- My name is Yasmin and with my sister Samantha, we are embarking on affiliate marketing with John & SAS as new opportunity to earn a great income, online from home. We also live on the beautiful Gold Coast (best place ever). We have just finished week 1 training and are trying to get our head around “doing the work”. We are hard working and keen!

Fantastic!!! Nice to meet you and good luck on your journey. Stay strong and do some work every day- it will all add up. cheers

Hi Matthew~
Great to meet you! I am in Southern California and have been seeing so many brick and mortar businesses go out of business. Online definitely seems the way to go! Congrats on your goal - you’re already on your way! :slight_smile:
Have a successful day~

Thanks so much- it’s been a lot of fun in the online space. Wishing you every success.