What type of goodie can I offer as a Freebie? Lead Magnet? Free ebook thingy

Have a lead capture page from mailchimp that’s starting to accumulate emails. I have used the email swipes to send the 1st email from the Super Affiliate System. The Email trainings suggest having something to give away in these emails that has value and is not something just for sale.

I’m struggling to come up with something I would think is valuable.

Any suggestions for this niche on what I have to offer as a noobie?



@sladeonlinesolutions You don’t need to offer a lead magnet for SAS - the webinar itself IS the lead magnet. What I might advise though, is to offer a “bonus” for them joining SAS under your link.

For instance (and by the way… I haven’t tried it… but I might in the future) rather than replicate John’s landing page, you could have your landing page simple be a Capture Page. After they opt-in, it goes to a bridge page with either text or a video where you let them know what comes next: "In the next page, you will register for the free training, yada yada yada, and at the end, John will make a special offer for you to work with him. If you take him up on that offer, TODAY, email me a copy of your receipt at [email protected]; and I will give give you a free, pre-built campaign that generated $X.XX in X days. Results not typical.

Just a thought.

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Thanks for the bonus idea. I had forgot about that. I actually did what you said minus the bonus. What I was specifically asking is what can I offer in my email follow up series. I get that the webinar is the original lead magnet. Now that I have leads from that I thought I should be offering a freebie in the email series no?


Well I am not one to give advice given my horrible results… but don’t ask people what you can offer during the offer. you are supposed to be the expert. you have to know what they need. gotta be assertive at all times.

Send an email to your list and post on your social media networks that you are giving away $25.00 in paypal money or amazon gift card (this will be your only expense) to a random participant in a survey. Use that survey to find out what the pain points are - in terms of money, time and knowledge. Use the results of those surveys to create your bonus.

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How about John’s free course/training series? :slight_smile:

Is there a way to add an affiliate link to John’s Affiliate Marketing free course/training series?

I may have overlooked, but didn’t see it on the affiliate page. Thanks :slight_smile:

Nope, no such affiliate linking possibility. The free course suggestion was to follow up with customers that have ALREADY clicked one of your hoplinks, therefore engaging them in an email or two, trying to push them further towards making a purchase. Remember, a cookie which is placed on their browser after they click your link, lasts for 60 days!

Oh ok. Now I understand, cookie them first. Thanks :slight_smile:

Sounds like I need to get an opt-in set up from what you guys are saying.

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