What is it you are Good at? whats working?

I appreciate Johns Sincere personal talk of the Recap https://members.imjetset.com/lesson/week-5/social-advertising-recap/ this module week 5 - social Advertising. I wonder what development your business is at?
Personally, I’m stuck @ Vision. As I step up to the staging of being a True Business Owner; the vision is such a structural position. The more I look at what it means to be a sincere business owner; I let go of the hustle action tasks and think about it a bit more. Then setting up a page or going through a certain actionable agree]ment, and deepening an understanding of why I would like to be in a relationship with who I’m affiliated.
What is it you are Good at? What is it you are willing to let someone else be the expert?

whats working? What have you identified as important change o grow?