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What an unpleasant Coaching call experience

I had a call from Mannie, that explained to me that John asked for him to call me to offer an free coaching session to see whether it works for me - to which I agreed.

My experience is BSc - meaning mathematical (computer) sciences. I am bad on social sciences (e.g. copy writing) and would love to have some coaching.

Mannie’s call:
This was NOT a good experience. Mannie qualified me three times over to make sure I can pay for the coaching service. He insisted that I call his boss Mr Silva. Mannie requested that I sign in to my banking accounts (3 of them) and give him (on my credit cards) the exact outstanding amounts and credit available - which I refused - since it has got nothing to do with coaching.
Mannie is a strange guy - one is not allowed to interrupt him OR ask any questions. Any question I have to ask to Mr Silva.

My take: (since I have done some coaching in my life as well):

  1. Are you teachable?
  2. Do you have enough money to pay?
  3. Are you a fit for the companies’ culture?

Current situation:

  • I watched the video, whre John interviewed the coaching company. I was VERY excited and thought this is waht I need to overcome my weakness in copy writing.

  • After my experience with Mannie: It was a VERY long time ago, since I called ANYBODY Mister. Can you imagine calling your coach MISTER? That is the CULTURE of the coaching company.

  • After my experience with Mannie: I am not allowed to interrupt while he is talking OR ask any questions. I am directly referred to MISTER Silva. I am just allowed to answer questions… Nothing more.

Talking to MISTER Silva:
Mr Silva phoned me. I answered and said that I am not very enthusiastic about the coaching since:

  • I watched the video - and that is NOT AT ALL what I experienced.
  • I am not sure that I fit the culture of the company, where I have to call people MISTER - as the culture of the company.
  • I believe the criteria to be: 1. Am I a fit for the company culture 2. Am I teachable 3. Do I have enough money to pay.

MISTER Silva did not take kindly to my criticism - at all. He immediately explained to me that I do not qualify for the coaching program. (No criticism allowed! - company culture - apologies Mister Silva)

What a disappointment where the company does not live up to what the boss explained in his video, when he introduce his company.

Cor Basson

I’m so sorry to hear of your experience, Cor!

I’ll forward your feedback on for sure.

If there’s anything we can assist with please don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile: