Week 6 10 Next Level Affiliate Strategies 21m 43s

I stopped watching the courses at Week 3 2 Google Search Ads Setup 26m 23s, because I wanted to capture leads and thought I’ld start paying ads when I knew how to implement lead capture on the selling page flow.
And I discover that, what I thought was a basic and essential step is not taken into account and not explained.
I must say it stopped me right in my tracks.
I would love to have it included.

Hey @Naxos

John does not recommend making an email list right away. Do this later. It’s too much to begin with. But you need to use MailChimp or an email program for this.

Here’s some tips on building your email list:

You may wish to make a suggestion here:

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Hi Sabrina,
“Do this later. It’s too much to begin with.”
I suppose it needs a lot of preparation, capturing email is just the start, so behind the lines of your answer I understand how much knowledge and works it needs.
I’ll conform to the script and stick to it.
Thank you for your answer.

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