Week 4, going into week 5

Hello all,

I just wanted to share I made my first sale promoting the SAS!! Super stoked! I’ve been running the youtube video ad, and a microsoft search ad and I’m not sure which ad I got the sale from because my google conversion tracking I set up earlier in week 3 is not working :confused: I just deleted the tracking code from click bank and went through the video John made in week 3 on how to set up google conversion tracking and got it set up again, but I’m hoping it will actually track this time. Any suggestions? However, i did get one sale and got a few order form impressions I see on click bank, so that’s great! I just need to find out where these order form impressions and that sale came from so I can determine what ads are working for me so I can cut the red and grow the green!


Good for you! I’m ready for week 3!

Hi, @waltercrist16! Ilya had a live webinar about Google conversion tracking set up and usage on the 30th of January. You may want to check the replay here. :smile: