Week 3 Display Add

Hello Everyone…
Was moving along nicely and got through display ad part… Google rejected the image and sent the following to me… How to adjust or add something different here

Edit your ad so it complies with the following policy: close

error Misrepresentation

  • Ads or destinations that intend to deceive users by excluding relevant information or give misleading information about products, services, or businesses aren’t allowed.
  • Read the policy

What happens next

When you click “Save” the ad will be reviewed to ensure it complies with Google Ads policies. The ad will appear in your campaign with the status “Under review” during this process. If any policy violations haven’t been fixed, your ad may be disapproved.

1200 × 628

Please help

Hi Mike,

To get around the misrepresentation error, make sure your ad states “individual results may vary”.

Also, it appears they do not like “work from home” images, but lots of people do it :confused:

If they don’t approve after adding the individual results text, try replacing the image :slight_smile: