Week 2......Help Needed Urgently

Help Needed Urgently

So am doing the manual method and setting up my website, I have followed to the letter, but am not seeing the presell page when I load my website, still showing the wordpress admin page.

check the archive of the SAS system version 2. Thats where i had a better explanation on the manual method. Basically when u get to the file manager on word press you have to click on the globe icon and then you upload your zip folder in that section.

Most commonly it is due to the site being on a “coming soon” status:

Log into your bluehost account, then go to ‘sites’ on the left hand side menu. Then over over your domain and ‘log in to Wordpress’. Then click that orange ‘coming soon active’ banner above. And choose to launch the site or deactivate the ‘coming soon’. Then it should all work :slight_smile:

Otherwise, MAKE SURE that your ‘test’ folder is in the ‘public_html’ folder, and not in the main root folder :slight_smile:

Thanks all, am up and running now