Week 1: Solo Ads

Hi All,
I ran my first Solo Ad ever the other day after watching video #7 of week 1 and unfortunately I didn’t get any response. My question is should I continue to promote SAS using a different email swipe, and if so, should I continue to go with 100 emails or increase it to 300?
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Hey T

I think that not getting a response to your ad might be an indicator of a couple of things. I would split test at this point. Maybe by another 100 swipes from a different seller? Maybe it is the sellers list thats not working for you.

Hope this helps

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Thanks for your input M. :wink: I had considered that, but I’m kind of wondering if I should continue with the paid email traffic or continue with the course and use a different strategy. Are you having any luck yet with Solo Ads?

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Thursday 3pm PST :slight_smile:

Thanks Sabrina, will do. :+1:

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