Week 1 - Solo Ads to Low Ticket; FB to Low and High

Hello Folks. I’ve been wanting to get in on this course for a while. Very excited to be here.

So …Here is my setup:
I got a custom domain and associated it with both Clickfunnels (my Page-Builder) and Clickmagick (My Link Tracker). I made a funnel that points to a low-ticket offer, and ran two solo ads … one using TrafficDomination and another using Udimi.

Each run cost $103.00 for 200 clicks. From the first run (traffic domination) I got about 61 opt-ins, and two $21 sales. From the second run (Udimi) I got 72 opt-ins and no sales (in fact, not one impression to the checkout page). Both funnels are attached to a 7-day follow up sequence provided by the vendor. We’ll see if that generates any sales.

In addition… I am starting two facebook ad campaigns. One is going to the same low ticket offer and the other to SAS using a custom video of John’s interview with Stefan James. Both ads have a $100.00 budget and last until friday. We’ll I’ll update then.

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Thanks for taking us on this journey with you, I’m excited to see where this goes. Looking forward to your Friday check-in to see those results!

Ok so … update. I had tried to make 2 facebook ads. They both used the same targeting data, but one pointed to SAS (High Ticket) and the other to a low ticket program (12-minute affiliate). The results were very underwhelming in terms of clicks, so I ended up pausing them. Now that week 2 is opened to me, I will submit new ads (once I complete the training) to see if I can get a better click-through rate.

Hi Victor, thanks for sharing! First of all, I’d like to say I’m very impressed by how proactive you are, this is exactly the dedication that brings results. Trying. Testing. Working towards the goal :slight_smile:

How about a link to your 12minute affiliate landing page, so we can see how you converted?
How about a new post from you on our forums, introducing TrafficDomination to all of our customers, for future use?

61 opt ins out of 200 clicks, as well as 72 opt ins from 200 clicks are some AWESOME numbers :slight_smile: Good job, keep us posted!

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Cool! It’s not much of a case study… but I would absolutely love everyone’s input.
So … I’ll start with 12 minute affiliate. I made 2 ads using still images.

Both of which point to my Blog. I had originally planned to send them directly to a capture page…like I do when I run a solo ad… but I figured… its Facebook ads… I might as well try to get traction to the blog. So … both of those ads point to this page:

At the bottom of THAT page is a link to the capture page, which points here:

After they opt-in, they come to this page:

Here, they have 2 buttons -> Checkout Page or Sales Page. Sales Page then goes to checkout.

Here are the results of the facebook ads so far.

Of the clicks … I believe I have got two optins… but I can’t tell which ad generated them :frowning: they both point to the same place

Okay and now for my SAS Ads.
This ad uses a very wide, multi-country audience, but then uses @sethjohnson’s advice to target 1 interest (digital marketing); narrowed by following 1 of 12 guru’s; narrowed by engaged shoppers. Total audience was about 140,000 people. It uses a custom ad that I clipped from an interview with between Stefan James and JC, where John explains what Affiliate Marketing is, for about 120 seconds.


The second ad uses the same image I used on 12MA but with the copy of the video ad.

Either way, they both point to a capture page, at:

That page is being split-tested, one with a video, and one without. After the optin, it moves to an advertorial. The advertorials are being split tested and take turns between Forbes, CNO and HBN. The advertorials then point to a webinar replay-lounge page, with a short video (less than 2 minutes) that then gives immediate access to the webinar broadcast room. At the end of the webinar, it sends them to the salespage at clickbank.

Here are those results:

All in all … I am a bit underwhelmed with facebook ads. Everyone is always making such a buzz… but I am finding them to be rather slow. To be fair though - I haven’t done the facebook module… so I don’t know if that will make a difference. Anyhow - I am open to critics - be tough. I gots thick skin.

And just in case anyone is wondering … my pages are all made in clickfunnels. I used Bluehost to create subdomains for each funnel. 12-Minute Affiliate is make.10K-months.com; while the SAS funnel is get.10k-months.com.

I use clickmagick to track the clicks… and one day I will actually read their book so that I actually understand what I am doing. :slight_smile:

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