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Week 1 - Customise Video Set Up

FB seem to have changed this part of the set up process. FB now request you to upload an SRT file for the caption creation. Will you be creating one of these for the video(s)? TLove the new site and the changes you have made…

Here are the steps for automatically adding captions

With automated captions, captions are generated automatically by Facebook’s system. You can then edit the captions as you see fit. It may take several minutes for captions to generate.

Go to Ads Manager.
Click + Create.
Choose an objective and then click Continue.
Choose your targeting, placements and budget and then click Continue.
In the Formats section, choose Single video or Slideshow.
Click Upload video/Upload slideshow or Browse library to find a video for your ad.
In the Video captions section, choose Generate automatically. If your video doesn’t have sound or Facebook’s system can’t detect sound from the video, you may see Manually add captions instead.

In the Review your captions window, hover over the caption and edit or delete the caption, edit the length of time for the caption or insert a new caption.

Tip: To keep the video from playing when entering a caption, click to tick the box next to Pause video while typing.

Click Save to video. Your captions upload to the video or slideshow.

(Optional) Click Options to delete, share or download the captions to your computer. If you share the captions, you can generate a link to your captions that expires after 72 hours

Hope this helps!

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