Week 1-6 Lesson Videos

Hi, is it possible to provide a transcript of the lesson video’s to copy?
Thanks, Tony

Hi Tony,

We don’t have any written transcripts of the course at this time.

May I ask what a transcript is needed for?

Hi, Sabrina
I thought it may prove quicker than stop / starting the lesson video’s & taking notes in order to remember eveything as there is a lot of info to take in at one time.

Good point!
We don’t have any transcripts at this time but I can forward your request on :slight_smile:

Or post it as a suggestion in Site Feedback:


Hi, Sabrina.

Thanks bullet points could be a possibility / easy reference for newbies like me!



We do have easy to follow PDF tutorials for the how to parts of the course if that would be helpful?

Feel free to suggest any other tutorials you’d like us to create here:


Hi, Sabrina
Thank you for your support & update,

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