Website setup problem

Hi there,

In the video on how to create our website, John shows us that under ‘‘Ressources’’, there’s ‘‘Website Setup’’ to help us follow the steps to create that website.
But… there isn’t any link.

Plus, Wordpress doesn’t look the same anymore as it’s showed in the video, so I’m kinda lost!

Can anyone help me out with this?

Also, on Bluehost, it doesn’t look the same as well, so I can’t find the ‘‘file’’ link.

Do you have this button?

Yes I do!
I kinda looked everywhere on the dashbord, couldn’t find the ‘‘file’’ link :frowning:

Hi, @perronmariechantal! Once your done registering your domain name. You may find the ‘file manager’, by going to ‘advance’, from there you will see the file manager option. I hope this helps!

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Thank you so much! My website is now created :smiley:


You’re welcome @perronmariechantal!

I don’t have the solution to your problem; have the same problem but I am confident that someone will jump right in here and help; have a history of needing help based on my lack of experience; received topnotch assistance from Lizette/Ilya and team.

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hello,Idk if I’m doing this right, I’m on click bank and on create my profile,I put in my info,however, it is not saving it…anyone else ever had this issue?