*WATCH OUT* Week 1 Follow Along w/ Jz1

Warnings about week 1: You may be ambitiously ready to take every step and get active in your new venture as an online marketing superstar. Me Too!
After a run-through of the first few weeks of this course, I came across some info you may want to know.

This Week has a big educational step about SOLO ADS. You will be introduced to two main ideas about using solo ads that John Refers to for your business. Igor & Udimi.

heres what I learned: if you notice the Udimi videos are not JOhn. The individual tells a story about being successful using Udimi. The reality is most people are trying Udimi and spending $250 only to find it doesn’t work. I’ve been in multiple webinars the weekly and the inner circle. both places including posts here in the forum that new students are finding the venture a waist. During an Inner Circle webinar, John himself says he doesn’t use SOLO ADS. as a response to its effectiveness when a student inquired of his loss. Curious right?!. John also said he posted the solo ads in the first week to get it out of the way.

here’s the deal: Solo ADs have a valid play in affiliate marketing strategies and it is important to know how it works. I recommend two things: 1} go through the training steps and see how it works to use Udimi, but do not buy clicks. just get the exposure to it and have it as a tool to come back to when you can afford to split test and apply the method. 2} follow through with signing up with IGOR. Many people have commented positively using his services. You will get a Ton of emails so you may want to create a separate email folder to keep them organized and out of your primary email flow. {for me too many emails are overwhelming and I avoid the interaction} I am not saying buy Igor and IM not saying don’t. that’s a personal business budget choice. If your budget is less than $2000 it may not be the choice yet until you can afford it.

IN the coming education of this system you will need to pay for some web hosting and other expenses. SO, Just give it a breath of space so you don’t waste the money right out of the shoot as others have.

If you are like me that ambitious desire to act and trusting John leads you to want to spend that right away on solo ads. Just a heads up as I discovered having already gone through the week’s lessons.

Hope it Helps1 :blush:


I submitted to OfferBlueprint.com However I have not received an email of any kind. I don’t know why…

anybody else having success or failure with this step as discussed in Week 1 video 5{Finding offers in other affiliate networks}?

*** Contact Support to cancel your Inner Circle Subscription. ***
Did You join the Inner Circle when you first signed up? If so thats great! You are willing to get the most out of your experience. Heads up tho. I totally forgot I clicked the 14-day trial. and received no email to support me in being reminded. I was charged for the next $30 days of Inner Circle which is $247. I did not plan on having this expense and it impacted me HUge. I’m not saying coaching time with John is not valuable and if you got the bang for the buck I’m sure it’s valuable. For me, I’m too new and too limited in my business budget to risk this expense. SO If you are like me and don’t expect to be able to afford the inner circle until you are more developed then you might like the Reminder:
Contact Support to cancel your Inner Circle Subscription.

Personally I think it’s unethical to not be more transparent and by doing so is setting students up for failure rather than success. I hope to get the most out of it even though I’m human and need more time to process and learn using such a complex system of content. For me having Inner Circle is a service that is beneficial once a student has established an active business and refining with the advancement is then applicable.

I wish you the best. & may you get the most out of your experience.

where will you get your emails to?

Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate your post. I am going through those videos right now and I don’t really understand why I should do Solo Ads if I am not going to get their emails. Please correct me if I am wrong, but the email goes out to all these different emails, yet we aren’t able to build our own personal email lists from using solo ads. Is that correct? Thanks again

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You KNow jhanely It Sounds like you have a similar understanding. I purchased 100 clicks for $55. which the seller had no problem providing 110. It looks great but what did I get? , What skills of strategy drive this method of traffic generating? Ive found no information available for acquiring any data on those co called clicks and email campaign. I think its a good place to avoid until further investigation, learned understandings when using something like Udmi. iGOR SEEMED TO HAVE A BUILD YOUR LIST MODEL POSSIBLY IN HIS PRODUCTS/SERVICES. for whatever it means I think its good heads up on the issue. Thanks for the appreciation.

Here is an Image of the Udimi buy/sell stats. If anyone has useful information on how this solo ad service or any solo ad method is a good successful startegy. pleases enlighten us! Thanks.

How to Build Traffic? is a great question.

What methods of Traffic Generating are you Using? WHats Working? WHats NOt?