Was there a Webinar today?

Hi everyone does anyone know if there was a webinar today because i got a notification that said it was starting at 6:00 pm and when i click on the link to go it it just keeps loading please let me know if i mess’d it

same happened to me… was there?

Heeya folks, sorry about that! Due to Thanksgiving holidays, we’re skipping a week, this was announced on the recent webinars but the auto-reminders weren’t turned off- our bad!

Anyway next week it’s all on as usual :smiley:

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Also @aroseinbloomatnight @vperez I keep a calendar available in the UPCOMING EVENTS category.

You can visit that category to double-check the schedule, anytime.

Here is where the November schedule was located

Here is the schedule for December.

I hope this helps!