View Presell Page

Does anyone have the pre-sell pages for the SAS product set-up that I could look at? For now, I just wanted to build a few on my site. I will probably use Clickfunnels at some point. But I am a web developer and I would just like to make some of these on my site to start with(in WP).

I will build them on Divi and be happy to share the template with anyone you use Divi.

Hi @kkpgold

The presell page manual set up files are available in your resources section of your members area.

Thanks - I understand that. I just wanted to view it and build it in a different platform.

kkpgold, I do have mine setup on my WP site…not sure if its ok to post the link here… Sabrina??

Sure go ahead :slight_smile:

Thanks Sabrina.

@kkpgold, here is the link to my installation of the presell page on WP… https://justfitzroy/sas

hope it helps,