Video 2 - How to setup http for my domain name

Hi Team,

In Video 2, John inserts a URL for the website.

How do I get my http (DNS - Domain Name Server) setup to point to my domain name?

When you registered with Bluehost, you should have chosen a domain name.

If not, you can go to marketplace, choose a domain and go to checkout, it should apply a free reg coupon for you.

Hi Sabrina,

I am using CoolHandle, as was advised by John.

I found this on CoolHandle support:

How do I change my main domain name?

In order to change the main domain name of your account, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into the CLIENT AREA.
  2. Click on the MY SERVICES tab
  3. Click on CHANGE DOMAIN for the hosting service you wish to make the change to.

NOTE: Changing the domain name for a service can break your website if not configured properly. Please make sure you have taken all the necessary steps before changing your domain, such configuring the DNS of your new domain, updating the configuration settings of any software running your website, such as WordPress, etc.

Hi everyone,
I think I’m confused here. Why can’t I just purchase a domaine name on godaddy then re-direct to the hoplink? I’ve never used blue host or others and it seems super complicated. I can’t really understand the pdf given on how to do it.


You can use any host provider you wish, you don’t have to use Coolhandle or Bluehost exclusively.


as @Sabrina said, you really can use whoever you want. However that will make it a lot harder on your end getting wordpress installed any making any other changes (unless you are good at websites and what not)

I believe @johnc77 mentiones in his videos that he ahs given us the blueprint (the guide) for success, we just need to follow it step by step.

I would follow the videos step by step until you feel comfortable with the whole website, hoplinks, ads, and everything else that comes with it. Then branch out and use different website providers and what not.

@sandy feel free to do what you want though, this is your business, your the boss! good luck!

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:ok_hand: Yes I was looking at something else and you mentioned Johns step by step method which does say to stick with the program… thanks Stuart