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Using John's bizopp lists

I was excited the other day to realize that we have a list of 150K emails from John.

Now it’s been a week that I’ve been trying to use them, but they keep getting rejected by my autoresponder. The reason is that they’re not “certified” as having given permission to be used, or that the email addresses are wrong.

Beyond frustrating.

Any suggestions from someone who’s tried them successfully…or even from others who’ve had my experience?

I am currently working with a pro when it come to solo ads (email list building) and I had the same problem with johns list, I was told that When uploading/moving leads, please make sure to always do in small batches.

A sudden huge spike of subscribers kill the IPs of autoresponder companies and this is considered as a serious activity.

so add a smaller about to start off like 50-100 if that don’t work go lower
if for some reason you get band from that autoresponder just choose another company.

Hi hmgrlb–
Thanks for your answer – misery loves company :wink:

I’m working with a pro on listbuilding, too, but this is my attempt to build a separate list on my own.
I’ve tried everything – uploading John’s whole 150k bizopp list, 5k of the list, removing archived and bad emails (I manually checked 5k emails to make sure they weren’t ‘admin’, ‘contact’, ‘no reply,’ or that the ‘@__’ part was correct. Found about 450 bad entries in the 4 hours it took to check.) I’ve tried uploading only 50 at a time.

No matter what, the emails are rejected—one rejection said I don’t have permission for these.
I emailed SAS support and got a new 5k url that also didn’t work.

So far, no luck but at least I’m not banned from Get Response yet.

But maybe you’re right – maybe a new autoresponder would work… which one do you use?

Get response, they tried to reject johns list to me so I just did small uploads manually from the list.

Yeah, they’ve only accepted 50 and now have blocked the rest of the list. Dang! A techie friend cleaned the list (whatever that means) but still GR rejected it.

Not sure if it’s worth it to try another autoresponder – which do you use? Is one any better than the other…who knows.

Thanks for your reply, though.

I use getresponse, but just to let you know my own list is close to 1000 now thanks to Igor Khefietts solo ads, so if your wanting to work on your email list, get in touch with him, he has done work with john also so he know the sas program.

Have you made any sales with Igor’s ads? How many did you buy?
I’m looking in it.

No sales yet but I still have a list, I bought 500 and got over 525, and I had google ads going at the same time which got me 400 more.

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Hey Guys,

just read this email stream.

  1. I didn’t think email responders would allow using John’s ist since that list never subscribed to any of your OPT-INs.

How are you folks getting around this and having the auto responders allow sending emails to this list? i use aWeber,

  1. Have you used this list to create a look-a-like audience to use in any of your FB campaigns? Did FB allow this list to be used?


These lists should never be sued to advertise to! They are there to give you a list of emails to build a lookalike audience on Facebook & (previously) Google. They are NOT meant to serve as leads.