Udimi Solo ads over 200 hops but no sales

Hi, i lunched my first Udimi solo ad, i got over 200 hops, no sales.
does it make sense? i clicked on the link in my clickback account, to verify if its taking to the right page, which it dose, but if you’ll look at the end of the link you’ll see its shows Hop=0


Can anyone tell if this is concerning ?

I could be mistaken…but the 200 clicks would have only been to your landing page…you would not have been able to track it after that…
you were not collecting emails (my guess)…and John got all the emails if people filled out their info

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Hay jssikula thanks for your reply, you are right, i did not collect any emails
now my question is, from over 200 hops i should get at least 1 sale, correct ?
if its real clicks…

it is tough to say…i had more than that…and zero
so i stopped

but yes…you would think between our 500+ clicks that at least 1 person would have converted

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who was the solo ad with?

Well, I didn’t get any sales either. How can I collect emails? It was my first time with Udimi solo ads. I am getting frustrated spending money in something that doesn’t work. Any suggestion how can I improve it and starting making money.

Hey, Ben here. I did 3 solo ad purchases, total cost ~204$…yielded so far 580ish hops.

No sales.

Udimi has yet to fulfill one more order so when it’s done I should have 700 hops. I’m stopping for now.

Does anyone know what is the statistical average clicks required for conversion to Johns SAS?

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee when it comes to solo ads. It highly depends on the sellers you choose, their targeting data (Who knows who are they advertising to? are they even interested in what you are promoting? or just clicking to quickly check it out?).

There is never a way to know if traffic on udimi is warm or cold, and especially when promoting high ticket system such as John’s SAS, the conversion rate may be quite low.

You might also want to try other clickbank products, that cost less and therefore have higher conversion rates :slight_smile:


No sale here either 600 emails on udimi

Don’t wanna loose confidence with this program, but …I

Any update on this? Wondering how your results are now?

As a rule of thumb, conversions range between 0.5% and 2.5% … but it is not a SCIENCE. It is possible to get a higher conversion rate and it is also possible to get a lower conversion rate… meaning 0 sales. The hop=0 does not mean you had no hops. If you paid attention to the initial videos, the clickbank dashboard will show you the hops (clicks) that you sent to your page. What that hop=0 means is that you might not have gotten credit for those clicks … because it went to affiliate 0.