Udimi issue re "English Letters"

I had two sellers turn down the first ad so in week 2 I am trying to post same ad with another seller who is more reponsive - however I keep getting his message : “Ad text contains invalid link. The link may contain only English letters”? This is John Crestani’s email swipe #5, copied and pasted and I have no idea what the issue is. Don’t understand what they mean by “English letters” as everything is in English. “Help” tells me to take a screen shot and upload the page and I have no idea how to do that. Can someone please assist?

Are you promoting John’s product?
Did you change this part in the swipe where it says “===> your affiliate link here <====” with your affiliate link?

roeleliot solved the problem with his suggestion that I not change the link to CLICK HERE - but just highlight the area where the affiliate link would go, click the link icon and boom - all fixed and working. Such a simple solution and I am so grateful.

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Good job @judithellen2! Glad you were able to solve it. :+1: