Toby from tennessee

Hi, my name is toby jose, i am a hvac installer, i currently am living with my parents barely paying my 14k laon to the school that my parents push me to go to and i regret going. i was going through youtube and saw john’s ad and i decided to save up money to start making money. my goal is to make 1 mil in a year. or enough to support myself and live on my own.


It’s great that you took the initiative to join us here.

And welcome to the SAS family, @Toby.edward2010!

Looking forward to helping you achieve that goal. :+1:

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Hi Toby @Toby.edward2010, well, you definitely came to the right place! Big welcome and let’s make this happen and let’s get straight to work… If you do this with the outmost enthusiasm, then nothing will stop you from reaching your dream of financial freedom!
Do not forget that you are never alone in this - our SAS team is supporting you whenever you need any help. Also the whole community is rooting for you, so make sure to connect with your fellow student colleagues - you guys can make a great team, to make the DREAM work :rocket: :blush:
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That would be all for now - now let’s DO THIS!!! GOOD LUCK :money_with_wings:

Thank you so much for the support!

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